The strange world of race and politics in S.C.

In November, South Carolina will make history by electing its first African-American to the U.S. Senate. And, if the polls are to be believed, it will be Republican Tim Scott.Ironically, he will be elected without significant African-American support on the Republican ticket — the party that is widely perceived to be indifferent, if not hostile, to African-Americans.Scott’s opponent, Columbia City Councilwoman Joyce Dickerson, is also African-American, so if ...

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Hey, S.C. — take it easy on my transmission

Last weekend, I drove up to Carthage, North Carolina, to see some old friends. From Columbia, I took U.S. 1 from Camden through McBee to Cheraw, then into North Carolina.I’ve driven on bad roads before. I’ve driven in the American northeast, where melted snow seeps into the pavement and cracks it all winter long. I’ve driven in the Scottish Highlands, where many of the roads can’t really be called roads at all.

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Thoughts on gators, politicians and oil

As I write these words, I’m sitting on a rustic dock overlooking a beautiful, placid pond on a coastal South Carolina island. I’m surrounded by nothing but God’s creations and natural beauty.Rimming the pond are majestic, centuries-old oaks dripping Spanish moss and towering above the palmetto trees. Snowy egrets and blue herons wade in the shallow water with a magnificent bright blue sky and white fluffy clouds above. There is even an old, sly-looking alligator b...

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LETTER: Raising minimum wage is not the answer

To the editor:After reading Mr. Nickoless’ letter to the editor in a recent edition of The Link, I must point out why raising the minimum wage is not a long-lasting solution for those working for minimum wage. I am concerned that Mr. Nickoless apparently did not give any thought to the long-term consequences of raising the minimum wage. In addition, he seems to have forgotten to think about the reasons that our prices continue to spiral upward, thus making th...

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Is S.C. giving women the third-world treatment?

The world is shrinking and with the Internet we are now all hyper-connected. One result of this is that where once we looked at problems as local or maybe state and national issues, now we can see issues simultaneously on a local to global level — all at the same time and in real time.Practically no other subject lends itself more effectively to this type of local-to-global analysis than the issues of women. And some smart folks at Clemson have just released a terrific study ...

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Local-first revolution shows the way

One of my favorite movies is the 1969 classic “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” Since it came out, I’ve probably watched it 20 times.After Butch and the Kid robbed his Union Pacific Railway trains one time too many, the railroad owner, E.H. Harriman, hired famed lawman Joe LeFors and an Indian tracker named Lord Baltimore to recruit a posse and pursue our heroes. Their pledge was to go anywhere and do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to catch Butch ...

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Exploring the Pee Dee by boat

For some reason or other, I’ve always loved being around water. Why, when I retired, I held a state water and wastewater license.My first recollection of liking water was when I was 5 years old. Every evening, I would follow my grandma down in the cow pasture to head the cows up to the barn for milking. I’d carry a short cane pole and a worm or two and fish in the spring while Ma was getting in the cows. She’d always come by the spring and say, “Boy, you cau...

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FOIA failures

The pulpit is calling. It’s time to do a little preaching.The subject isn’t fresh. The spin is different. The old sermon is about FOI. The new message is about FYI.For your information, FOI stands for Freedom of Information. Hopefully, that is not new information.For your information, FOI is information for you.You thought it was for journalists? You thought wrong. FOI and FYI should be blended into something that you need to grasp: free...

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