What do you think of the federal government shutdown?

By Karen Kissiah

October 10, 2013

“What do you think of the federal government shutdown?”

“All I know is … it is what it is. There ain’t but so much we can do. The politicians are in charge.”

Curt Creech

Bennettsville, S.C.

“It’s really affected my family. My husband didn’t get to go to drill with the National Guard last weekend, which means he won’t get that money. And I receive WIC. My youngest is just seven months old. If that is cut off at the end of the month, like they say, it will make a huge difference in our budget.”

Isis Evans

Cheraw, S.C.

“I hate it for all the people who are out of their jobs. Looks like they could get together and compromise.”

Bobby Hyatt

Bennettsville, S.C.

“I think they should work together to try to work things out.”

Ray Hawkins

Patrick, S.C.

“Take it to the House! They need to take 100 percent of the salary from the members of the House and just not give it to them. I bet they’d make a decision then. That’s why I say, take it to the House!”

Marianne Chavis

Wallace, S.C.