Your Voice

By Karen Kissiah

April 24, 2014

“What’s your reaction to former sheriff Sam Parker’s trial and sentence?”

“I guess he hasn’t done anything anybody else hasn’t done in politics. He just got caught.”

Chris Rodgers


“I was shocked at the trial and some of the things that came out. It was the kind of case that makes people lose trust in elected officials. The two years he got were well deserved. I feel real bad for the family, but as a citizen of Chesterfield County, I believe justice was served.”

Shonda Little


“I hate that someone in his position took advantage of his authority. I hope it is a lesson to other authority figures too.”

Lori Crockee


“All I can say is if I had been in the jury box, I would have had a hard time.”

Beth Salyers


“I was shocked at the whole situation. And I didn’t think he deserved that much time.”

Judeah Wrenn