Conspiracies driving pain at gas pumps?

First Posted: 5:14 am - August 26th, 2015

Sandi McBride - Contributing Columnist

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Someone once said time is relative, and although I can’t remember who said it (“I can’t remember” seems to be my mantra these days) I never believed it like I am believing it now.

Half of the year is long gone as summer looms. OK, I meant to say blooms, but it gets so hot here that looms fits better. Gas is so high that everyone is making one trip do for six and why we don’t “carpool” more is beyond me.

Wasn’t gas just 79 cents a gallon the other day and weren’t we all talking about when we could remember gas wars and 20-cent gas?

And what happened to all our brainiacs who could have come up with an alternate fuel when gas was rationed in some states…where are they now?

I’m not normally paranoid, nor do I subscribe to a lot of these conspiracy theories…till now. And oh, yes, my friends, I do believe that when you see the oil companies making billions on the backs of their customers, there is thievery and deception afoot.

The only part of our government’s hand I see in it is its failure to do something about it. It makes me wonder whose pocket is getting filled while ours is getting picked. I don’t understand how perfectly honest men and women (or at least that’s their claim when they are running for election) can become such lying crooks seemingly overnight.

They all have “a perfect plan” but if it’s so perfect and they love our country so much, then why don’t they share it with us? Why do they have to be elected to share an answer to our problems?

It seems to me that “political” should stand for greed and deception and our children are not safe from its long reach. It would be nice if we had another Mr. Smith to go to Washington, or Miss Smith for that matter.

But in the meantime, it flies — time, that is — November 2016 will be here before we know it and if we’re lucky, we’ll have a president who stands strong for values and his people, who doesn’t let party politics become HIS politics and who will encourage our very brilliant youth to find a way to fuel a car that doesn’t take anything from the earth or put anything dangerous into our atmosphere.

Perhaps someone has already done so and is being paid to keep it quiet. But wait, I did say I didn’t subscribe to conspiracy theories…I just didn’t say I don’t believe in them.

Sandi McBride is a resident of Jefferson who blogs regularly and enjoys her garden and her furry and feathered friends. She is a wife and mother of two sons.


Sandi McBride

Contributing Columnist



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