Oversharing: The pitfalls of Facebook, family

First Posted: 4:00 pm - September 30th, 2015

Sandi McBride - Contributing Columnist

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Everyone was doing it. I heard so many stories about the fantastic features of Facebook, I began to believe the hype. Bloggers were abandoning their blogs for the convenience of it.

They were throwing away their marvelous stories to keep up with people they once knew, barely knew, thought they knew or regretted they knew.

Heck, some of them they never knew. What’s worse, some of these new old friends knew things best left forgotten.

Quite a few of them were losing their jobs, finding out that free speech isn’t quite as free if you are out there talking trash about your employer’s worker bees. So why, I wanted to know, was everyone so Lady Gaga over this site?

OK, admitting my folly, I fell into the pool along with the rest, hoping I wouldn’t drown, dog-paddling like hell just trying to keep my head above water.

After signing up on Facebook, at the urging of blogging friends and family, I had more than 90 friends the first day. Mac came along and looked at my screen and asked when I had signed up.

“Today, ” I admitted “And I haven’t even done a lot with it yet.”

He shook his head, and asked of no one in particular, “And how do you get 90 friends in one day of doing not a lot?”

I had to admit I didn’t know. I mean, yes, I knew a goodly number of these people I had friended. Most, of course, were people who read my blog. Some were family. Others were friends of friends who, because I knew their friend, I thought they might like to be my friend. Yes, I was confused too.

Of friends on Facebook, the most unforgiving are family. They will “unfriend” you the moment you disagree with anything they say about anyone also in your family. They are allowed to call your sister (their mother) any number of foul things, and if you try in the least to raise a hand of discipline, (via Facebook wall postings) Bob’s your uncle, you’re unfriended!

Many of my younger family members apparently missed out on the “airing your dirty laundry” lesson given by my grandmother, Nancy Douglas. She always preached to us that if we made mistakes in life, they were a family matter and not to be aired in public like so much dirty laundry.

Well, I have noticed a lot of dirty laundry wafting in the Facebook breezes. And I wish they would stop it. I have signed off the site twice now, and I’m feeling the urge to sign off once more.

I just have one bone to pick with a certain someone about they way they are talking about someone I happen to love dearly. If they don’t like it, they can unfriend me. Please.

Sandi McBride is a resident of Jefferson who blogs regularly and enjoys her garden and her furry and feathered friends. She is a wife and mother of two sons.


Sandi McBride

Contributing Columnist



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