Hudsons tend lush lawn, garden

First Posted: 12:49 am - June 24th, 2015

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Contributed photo J.T. and Carolyn Hudson’s grand Murray Circle home is accented with many geranium and fern pots.

Contributed photo The gazebo is accented with with very bright moss rose, cherubs, a sundial and two large pots of million bells.

Some of us have the opportunity to grow up on a farm and enjoy the many advantages of living on the land and being at one with nature. Some never lose that love of nature and the peace they get from it, even though they are far away from their farm roots.

That is what happened to Carolyn Hudson — that is why she and her husband love to spend their time away from their work schedules taking care of their place. They don’t want to hire out their landscaping job to a contractor when they love the closeness of nature and being a part of the environment.

The Four Seasons Garden Club has selected J.T. and Carolyn Hudson’s home at 14 Murray Circle as July’s Yard of the Month.

The Hudson home is a grand and formal place, manicured to perfection. Many large pots of ferns and geraniums accent the front of the house and also grace the raised patio area in back. A grouping of three large ferns on each side of the front door and are made more interesting in their presentation in raising up the center fern with a raised pot.

The impact is more pleasing than looking at three pots lined up in a row. Many of their ferns and geraniums get a substantial amount of sun but look terrific. It may be of interest to our Yard of the Month readers that last month’s article on the Rogerses’ garden had a similar situation with geranium pots in full sun. The care is the same for both families — water the pots every day.

The Hudsons get up at 6:30 a.m. every day and water pots before they go to work. I didn’t count the number of pots, but it does take them a while. You’ve got to love what you do to be that committed. Weekends are spent on other jobs for the place. It’s what they love doing.

They have two sitting gazebos, one to the far right of the house and the other to the far left. They are good places to stop and sit if needed. The gazebo on the far right has a brick sidewalk leading up to it. The brick was collected from Carolyn’s grandfather’s farm near Latta. It means much to her to have something tangible from her roots.

The entryway to the gazebo on the far left is accented with of moss rose (portulaca) and some cherubs. The moss rose is in full sun and is one of the newer varieties that is so vibrant and showy that you just want to sit in the gazebo and do nothing else but look at the moss rose.

Carolyn said her mother and grandfather used the older varieties of moss rose when she was growing up. The gazebo entry also has two large pots of million bells of mixed colors. This area is accented with two raised sundials, one with Atlas holding up the world. Also near this area is a large wooded buffer area of mature pine trees with dogwoods and camellias underneath.

Every tree and shrub is pruned perfectly — Jim loves to prune and handles it expertly. A specimen dogwood has its own area of grandeur with a bench and shrubs and some garden quotes. The branches sprawl far beyond what you would normally see in dogwoods and they are perfectly happy to stretch that far.



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