Your actions speaker louder than words

First Posted: 7:42 am - December 29th, 2015

Jordan Cooper - Contributing Columnist

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The Bible says refrain not to speak when there’s occasion to do good. This New Year, we need to commit with ourselves to not let loquaciousness overwhelm our movement toward our plans. Speech isn’t needed to cast your ballot for your elected officials at any precinct.

Speech isn’t needed to write your will for your days on this earth and the days past you. Speech isn’t needed in the longest standing form of athletic competition (track) to partake in it. Moreover, speech isn’t used by less advanced beings like bees to build hives, trees to build canopies or even by monks to operate abbeys.

Therefore, speech isn’t going to get you to your goals alone. Your actions will be what always activates those dreams for your future.

Your doings will be what defines the times you live within and live ahead of.

More importantly, in the best-selling book in the world’s history (The Holy Bible) the greatest occurrences are those that are left unspoken, but done for the good of our earth. Hence, we must make our miens reflect a continuance of the good God has put in us.

Let your resolution for every year be to eat hale, sleep good, pray strong, work long and live lovely as a result of it.

Jordan Thomas Cooper is a 2015 graduate of the University of South Carolina. He is the first African-American to serve in both the governor and lieutenant governor’s office as an aide in South Carolina and has worked on several Republican candidates’ national campaigns.


Jordan Cooper

Contributing Columnist



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