Justice for Cecil the Lion’s killer

First Posted: 11:59 pm - August 12th, 2015 Updated: 11:59 pm - August 12th, 2015.

Jordan Cooper - Contributing Columnist

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Being good citizens of the world is part of our responsibility as human beings. It is a testament to our humanity. The killing of Cecil the Lion and his brother are examples of people of this world taking God’s duty into their own imperfect hands and going awry abiding to a country’s laws.

Some animal experts say that the previously mentioned lions were at the end of their reign as an alpha biologically. Therefore, they would be good trophy candidates to hunt for recreational game hunters. Yet, the manner in which these lions were tracked down was illegal, unethical and a fine example of skullduggery in hunting.

The killing of these lions is almost exactly the same as killing a docile animal who escaped from the Riverbanks Zoo in protected territory. The normal citizen would spend some time in the clinker for committing that type of offense.

I believe since the improper huntsman is a dentist, he is getting some special treatment from the court of law. However, he is being rightfully criticized in the court of public opinion for embarrassing himself, the United States and for taking away a tourist attraction from our African ally Zimbabwe.

I’m highly concerned about one of our citizens with the highest level of formal education’s handling by the court of law and his sneezing at the laws of Zimbabwe. We already have an extradition treaty signed with Zimbabwe for criminal accusations like this to be dealt with. Plus, Dr. Walter Palmer, who was responsible for the infraction, has not sought any legal remedy to relieve the affliction he has caused Zimbabwe and the dilemma he has caused America.

I’ve seen first-time offenders put in the hoosegow for years for shooting an animal on lands safeguarded by the government. There are a number of animals he could have been setting up to hunt or hunting legally here in the U.S. without receiving a criminal violation.

This person knew what he was doing since he got charged with a similar offense in the U.S. before and is not taking the blame for his bad decisions when he left this country for a vacation.

Dr. Walter Palmer needs to learn that everywhere he goes, he is representing America, his dental office, his dental school, his family and so on. Poor decisions like what Dr. Walter Palmer made need repercussions to discourage them from happening again.

We need to be accountable as a people for our actions wherever we are. Nobody needs to kill him like PETA is suggesting, but we need to make sure he is cognizant of his behaviors.

Jordan Thomas Cooper is a 2015 graduate of the University of South Carolina. He is the first African-American to serve in both the governor and lieutenant governor’s office as an aide in South Carolina and has worked on several Republican candidates’ national campaigns.


Jordan Cooper

Contributing Columnist



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