LETTER: Graham’s nation-building strategy a failure

First Posted: 5:27 am - June 17th, 2015

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To the editor:

South Carolina’s senior senator, Lindsey Graham, has interpreted only 56 percent of his party’s vote in the last election as a mandate to run for president. Graham never misses an opportunity to zealously advocate an American foreign policy that imposes American-style “democracy” on countries, many of which still live contentedly in the 12th century and care little for American interventionalism and the death of American boys for democracy.

Senator Graham has learned nothing from our failed “nation-building” in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Egypt.

Certainly, this wrongheaded policy is bipartisan, embodied by the U.S. government’s support of the Free Syrian Army, “champions of democracy” enthusiastically embraced by Hillary Clinton, Lindsey Graham and every Republican presidential candidate except Rand Paul.

This year I visited Beirut, Lebanon, and picked up a local newspaper whose front-page photograph showed “Rebel Jihadists,” members of the “Free Syrian Army” supported by U.S. training and weapons, and Al-Nusra, the notoriously brutal al-Qaida affiliate, embracing following their collaborative capture of a town in Northern Syria.

The Syrian government has not instigated any terrorist attacks on the United States. Al-Qaida, not the government of Bashar-Al-Assad, destroyed the World Trade Center in New York on September 11. Currently, the Syrian government kills more jihadists in a month than U.S. air strikes do in a year.

Through American interventionism, the vicious war in Syria will only worsen; thousands of Christians will die at the hands of U.S.-backed terrorists under the Bush-Clinton-Graham- Rubio brand of American “nation-building.”

Richard Hines




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