LETTER: Haley bowed to public pressure on flag removal

First Posted: 11:26 pm - July 14th, 2015

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To the editor:

Gov. Nikki Haley used the compunction for the comportment of Dylann Roof to sway the inhabitants of South Carolina to take the flag down. The high-priority things that were necessitated to make a change that she forgot was:

Blacks, whites, and other races have desired the flag to be removed from the statehouse and taken to another museum since it began flying again in 1962. There were hundreds of bills to get it off statehouse grounds from that time to now. Furthermore, the way the 2000 compromise was set up, her veto couldn’t be effective because it required 66 percent approval from the General Assembly. So, it cannot be taken as a political advantage or one seen to be a viaduct to cultural tautness over the years.

Gov. Haley’s firebrand shake-up may have fizzled out even more people from participating in the political process. Since she took a straight dose of voters’ hysteria rather than reflective rationale. That’s certainly a no-no.

There are still oodles of voters and especially everyday minorities who will not invite Gov. Haley into their homes or venues of worship. Hence, she is not a Mitch Daniels when it comes to community relations with voters. As he was routinely offered to slumber over at constituents’ homes due to his homey demeanor. She may sashay like a Tea Partier. However, voters still view her as bureaucracy’s boo and that absolutely gets a thumbs-down from the people.

All S.C. voters will not disremember that it took almost 10 citizens’ lives to be lost for two lifeless things to be extracted from the statehouse grounds. That is absolutely no deal for the victims’ families and others who are grieving from the incident. The shooter could have been pictured with other inanimate objects such as a rap CD or video game; who is to point the finger at then?

To sum it up, Governor Haley has attempted to be a merger between different walks of life. Still, she has underachieved enormously because the lifestyle injustices in the states where the flag has went down have actually gone up since the flag has been sacked in a museum. From Jordan Davis to Trayvon Martin to Anthony Hill. The numbers keep rising and many of our state’s decision-makers unintentionally are enervating our citizens.

Jordan Cooper




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