LETTER: Political correctness changing history?

First Posted: 12:57 am - July 20th, 2015

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To the editor:

In the July 7 issue of The Link is a letter to the editor stating that not only should the Confederate battle flag be removed from the statehouse grounds, but the South Carolina state flag should also be removed because it may have been carried by a few units in the Civil War. This letter to the editor was signed by someone who lives in Henderson, Texas.

It is unfortunate that the NAACP and its minions are never satisfied when it comes to Confederate flags and rewriting history. It seems to me that the only way they can continue to raise money is by continually attacking something or someone. Both the Confederate battle flag and the state flag of South Carolina were and are a part of history.

I would suggest that the writer of this letter move to another state, but he seems to have already done so. Therefore, I suggested he move to New England where he can be in the company of the likes of Al Sharpton and his trumped-up causes, supposedly to advance the NAACP causes and his personal reputation and financial gain.

Just like the gay rights issue, these people are never satisfied and are continually in everyone’s face. Enough is enough! History is what history is and it is in the past. As an American, I am sick and tired of everyone with a minority cause trying to rewrite history to reflect their point of view.

Everyone living in this country should be as they are and live to promote the good of everyone in this country, not just themselves and their pet peeve. Political correctness must be done away with and our Constitution must be upheld every time a question arises, if we are to survive as a truly free country.

Jack Parker




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