LETTER: Let residents vote on El Sherif’s car lot

First Posted: 2:35 am - August 11th, 2015

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To the editor:

I’m responding to Mr. Mohammed El Sherif’s letter in last week’s paper in which he feels he was not treated fairly with his request for rezoning in order to have a well-maintained car lot on his property that would be decent, clean and nice, just like his restaurant.

What is the problem with this simple request other than the negative narrow-mindedness of the church member, Ms. Wilkerson, who is causing the whole council to smell bad because of her attitude? Is it a personal problem she has? We can use another car lot that will give people another option to “shop local” like Cheraw wants people to do.

That streak of land there is mostly used not for sightseeing, but as a shortcut for people coming off the river bridge four-lane to get to the other end of U.S. 52, Teals Mill Road, S.C. 9 or U.S. 1. Kenny Newsome had a car lot years ago at the red light across from the Sav-Way. I know because I bought a car there, and his lot was well-maintained just like Mr. El Sherif’s would be.

I’m surprised Mayor Ingram went along with Ms. Wilkerson. That seems like he is a little negative, too. Let the town grow and rezone so Mr. El Sherif can get his car lot. We will all benefit from that.

Let the people in Cheraw vote on this matter. We have too much to lose if Mr. El Sherif closes his restaurant because of this unfair decision. You receive friendly, clean and nice service at his restaurant just like his car lot would provide.

Lighten up, council, and rezone. Maybe you will smell better by being a whole lot more reasonable and allowing people another way to shop locally in Cheraw. Rezone and let Cheraw grow!

Bessie Brock




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