LETTER: Animal rescue group needs your support

First Posted: 5:19 am - September 16th, 2015 Updated: 5:19 am - September 16th, 2015.

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To the editor:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have helped the Greater Pee Dee Animal Rescue with donations of food for our animals and with donations to our Spay/Neuter Fund.

Without your help, we would not be able to care for these animals and operate our spay and neuter program. When we first organized, we started as a rescue, and it did not take long before we realized that there were more animals in need of rescuing than we had space for.

We do not have a shelter, but members who take dogs and cats to their homes and keep them until a home can be found for them.

We soon became overwhelmed with animals. We realized that we could best serve the pets and people of the Pee Dee area by prevention rather than rescue.

That is when we started our spay/neuter program. We provide transportation to a spay/neuter clinic and help with the cost for people who need help having their pets fixed. We provide this help as our funds permit.

We were having a hot dog sale once a month but had to discontinue the sale because of illness. The Vietnam veteran who planned the sale developed health issues. We still have our thrift store, which is now closed, but we plan to reopen.

We would very much appreciate donations to the thrift store. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so all donations are tax-deductible. We are all volunteers who receive no pay for our work, all money raised goes to the animals. Anyone wishing to donate can contact me at 843-537-5763 and leave a message. Arrangements will be made to receive the donation at the store or to pick up the donation.

We place in good homes all adoptable dogs and cats. Those that are unadoptable because of health or age are cared for as long as they need us.

The only time we have an animal killed is on advice from a vet, when the animal is so sick or badly injured that it will not recover and is in pain.

At this time, we cannot accept any animals as we are at our limit. We have no space for any more animals. Homes can be found for most dogs, however, it is a totally different story for cats.

There so many of them that homes cannot be found for all and they are being killed at some shelters for lack of homes.

The Greater Pee Dee Animal Rescue has a couple in Marlboro County and two ladies in Chesterfield County who wish to start cat sanctuaries. They have the land, but are retired and do not have funds to build the sanctuaries.

We are hoping to raise money to do the necessary building and fencing so that the unwanted cats will have a home. If you can help with fencing or building materials, it would be most appreciated.

We are planning a trip to a spay/neuter clinic for Tuesday, Sept. 29, and we have a couple of openings for animals on this trip.

To get your pet on the trip or on the list for future trips, call 843-537-5763 and leave a message.

And in closing, just one note of interest. Every once in a while, someone will ask me if I have ever heard that cats will keep snakes away from a house. The answer is yes.

Cats produce a natural snake repellent. Snakes do not like the smell of cat poo, and when a snake comes into an area where cats have relieved themselves, they turn and go in the other direction. The bottom line: The more your feed cats, the more snake repellent the cats will produce.

Don’t know about you, but I like a furry kitty more than a scaly snake. So feed the cats. Feed ‘em a lot.

Patsy Leviner

Greater Pee Dee Animal Rescue



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