LETTER: Postal food drive shouldn’t be necessary

First Posted: 7:59 pm - May 31st, 2015

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To the editor:

Re: “County excels in food drive,” by Cheraw Postmaster Kim Gulledge, May 21.

This food drive was run by the United States Postal Service, as if our government allows people to starve. This event was the 23rd annual “Stamp Out Hunger” and was called the world’s largest one-day food drive. The letter stated that 23 percent of our children live below the poverty line.

The letter implied that those children are hungry and neglected, particularly at home because they are fed at school. It also stated that the school food programs will soon end. This is far from the truth and only serves to make the post office, or any other group holding a food drive, look good to the local community.

No one in the United States is starving for the following reasons. South Carolina, and the rest of the country, has welfare, food stamp and Medicaid programs that give money, food and medical care to those who are deemed underprivileged or below the poverty level. In addition, the schools have free food programs for students, even in the summer, when school is out. Therefore, there is NO reason for hungry children or anyone else in school or at home.

If there are people starving in our state, it should be reported to the proper authorities and those responsible should be investigated for selling their food stamps for cash to buy cigarettes, alcohol and/or drugs or for some other nefarious use. There have even been cases where the grown children of the elderly steal their food stamps for personal use.

Any parents found neglecting their children’s or elderly relative’s medical or nutritional needs should be arrested and the children put into foster care or the elderly added to the “Meals on Wheels” program and other programs as necessary, where they will, hopefully, be cared for in a proper manner.

I am sure there are cases of hunger, but the cause is bad parents or relatives, not the lack of resources for food. Make examples of the bad parents and the problem of hunger will be corrected over time and the people will become better citizens once the bad influences are removed from their lives.

Food drives are only used as a public relations stunt to increase business or make a government agency look good to the public. They are just another way to fleece those who work and give to those who don’t, making the food drive a non-governmental welfare program.

Don’t forget, the post office has been running this program for 23 years. Maybe when it started, it was needed, but that is not the case now and it should be terminated, like many other governmental programs that have outlived their usefulness.

Jack Parker




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